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Artist: Get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and more. LQ Digital is your partner in amplifying your music's presence and impact.

Global reach: Worldwide distribution, one click away

Expand your music’s global presence effortlessly with LQ Digital’s Music & Video Distribution Solution. Reach audiences worldwide, ensuring your music is where it needs to be at all times.

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Giving our talented artists the global spotlight they deserve with LQ Digital’s Music & Video Distribution Expertise & Solutions.

Maximise your earnings with music publishing

Distribution isn’t the only way to make money as an independent musician. When you write a song, you’re owed royalties. Your original songs generate publishing revenue with every stream on Spotify, video creation on Tiktok, view on Youtube, radio spin, or live performance worldwide.

Let us help you get the royalties you’re owed by:

• Collecting your royalties globally/worldwide
• Tracking your publishing royalties from Spotify Youtube, TikTok Radio, and thousands of
other pay sources
• Offering advanced analytics on here your performance and mechanical royalties come from Ali while you keep 100% of your copyrights

Why choose us as your music and video distribution partner?

In today’s competitive digital landscape, getting your music and videos in front of the right audience is crucial for success. That’s where LQ Digital comes in. We offer a comprehensive music and video distribution solution designed to empower artists, labels, and filmmakers to achieve their goals.





Our services for artist like you

We at LQ Digital assist you in monetising your talents, passions, and expertise. Discover how we help independent artists and labels grow at each stage of your journey.

Music Release & Distribution

LQ Digital provides a complete solution for artists looking to release and distribute their music and videos. We handle everything: uploading your music videos to YouTube, distributing your tracks across all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram), and even optimising your profiles for maximum discovery.

Music Promotion

LQ Digital helps you amplify your music and video presence. We specialise in targeted promotion across key platforms, Plus, our professional promotion includes captivating thumbnail design, video resizing for optimal display as shorts & reels on Facebook and Instagram, and creating engaging GIFs and static posts for YouTube community posts.

YouTube Content ID

Protect your music and videos from unauthorised use! At LQ Digital, we assist you in managing YouTube Content ID, an essential tool for safeguarding your creations. Content ID is YouTube’s automated system that allows copyright owners to identify and manage their content on the platform. We help you maintain digital fingerprinting on YouTube, ensuring your copyright content is managed effectively.

Manage Ads (Facebook & YouTube)

Target the right audience. LQ Digital manages your Facebook & YouTube ads, reaching the fans who matter. We don’t just focus on reach – we help you boost engagement with your music videos, driving views, likes, and shares to build excitement. Plus, LQ Digital optimises your advertising budget, maximising the impact of your investment so you can focus on creating great music.

YouTube Release & Monitisation

Want to share your music on YouTube and start earning what you deserve? LQ Digital makes it simple. We handle both your YouTube release and monetisation, so you can focus on creating amazing music. This lets you focus on what you do best – making music – while LQ Digital takes care of the technicalities and helps you get rewarded for your talent.

YouTube Artist Verification

Level up your presence on YouTube! LQ Digital helps you secure YouTube artist verification, a coveted badge that instantly boosts your profile’s credibility and sets you apart from the crowd. As your expert partner, LQ Digital ensures you meet these standards and guides you through the verification process seamlessly, paving the way for your online success.

Grow your views and dollars

With LQ Digital support and expertise elevate your content’s visibility and revenue. Let us assist you to selling your music worldwide.

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Got a question (or two… or three)? Common questions we get

Get heard, everywhere: Get your music heard around the world.

What's video distribution, and why might I need it?

 Imagine you’ve made a brilliant video, but only a handful of people see it. Video distribution helps spread your masterpiece across different online platforms, like YouTube Apple Music, iTunes, and social media. It’s like showing your video at lots of parties to reach a bigger crowd and get more likes and shares.

We distribute your music across a wide range of platforms, including major streaming services, social media channels, and niche networks. Our goal is to maximise your video’s visibility by strategically placing it where your target audience is most active.

Want to get your music discovered by millions? Share your tracks on Facebook Music! This lets billions of Facebook and Instagram users add your music to their videos and posts. Fans can easily find your songs through the Facebook Audio Library. Plus, you can even add fancy visual lyrics to Instagram Stories by verifying your music and uploading the lyrics. While directly earning money on Instagram with a Spotify link isn’t possible, if someone clicks it and listens on Spotify, you’ll still get your royalties through them.

Unlock the path to releasing your music effortlessly in just 3 steps. Pay once and see your tracks in stores forever, without any withholding taxes. Experience full transparency with LQ Digital guiding you through the process:

  1. Upload Your Tracks:

Easily upload your music in minutes using our straightforward music upload form.


2. We Send Them to the Stores:

We distribute your digital release across a vast array of streaming and download platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more.


3. Get Paid:

Monitor your streaming analytics and receive your royalties hassle-free. Enjoy flexible payout options without minimum thresholds or withholding taxes, ensuring transparent and seamless payments.

Create, we'll do the rest.

Sharing your music with the world can be very easy, and distribution can help with that. Let’s talk about your options!


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Start Earning

By leveraging strategic distribution and marketing techniques, we help you unlock the full revenue potential of your music and video content. Let us guide you towards financial success in the entertainment industry.

Hear from LQ Digital’s valued artists

We find great satisfaction in working alongside talented and passionate artists.

Rima Biswakarma

We’ve been collaborating with a prominent Nepalese actress and media personality to optimise and monetise her YouTube channel.

Shradhha Chettri

We’ve partnered with a prominent Nepali singer, actress, and model to broaden the reach of her work across different platforms.

Bishwa Nepali

We’ve partnered with a versatile singer to distribute his work across multiple platforms and optimise his presence on DistroKid.

Music Is Power Amplify It.

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